AX is a principal note buyer who is actively purchasing residential mortgage notes, commercial mortgage notes and non-performing mortgage notes nationwide. As a direct note buyer, we have the ability to fund quickly and offer a sound exit strategy to anyone, including private note sellers, banks and traditional lenders. When shopping for note buyers, go with experience and a proven track record in the discounted note industry. Get funded today!


AX is a reliable and direct note purchaser, which can offer a sound and painless exit strategy to individuals, businesses and lenders looking to receive the best price for their mortgage note or business note. As experienced note buyers, we can fund deals that most others would decline on reviewing. Working with the right note buyer is half of the battle when it comes to reaching your financial goals. Let us be your note buyer – starting now.


AX has been operating as note buyers on the secondary mortgage market (secondary loan market) for over a decade and we pride ourselves on three core principles:

  1. Aggressive Note Buyer Offers and Note Pricing
  2. Unmatched Professionalism and Client Courtesy
  3. Unsurpassed Knowledge of the Entire Discount Note Buying Industry

Amerinote Xchange is also in the position to act as a note buyer on notes with a remaining balance of as little as $35,000 up to $20,000,000. We are also proud announce that we consistently maintain a 96% note closing ration, which means that you will most certainly get the money you deserve for your private note. AX has 4 separate note funding platforms that are individually geared towards a certain asset class such as:

Funding Platform Break-Down

  1. Performing Residential Mortgage Notes
  2. Performing Commercial Mortgage Notes
  3. Non-Performing Commercial Mortgage Notes
  4. Non-Performing Residential Mortgage Notes
  5. Performing Business Notes
  6. Performing/Non-Performing Junior Mortgage Liens (2nd Position Mortgage Notes)

We provide full purchase buy-out options and partial purchase buy-out options.

To review our complete note purchase criteria online, please click: AX Note Purchase Criteria

To review our note buying process online, please click: AX Note Buying Process


Finding the right note buyer when selling your mortgage note or selling your business note can be extremely challenging. This is completely due to the fact that the discounted note industry has been bombarded with note buyers (or note brokers) that have absolutely no financial experience whatsoever. One would ask; how could this occur? It is simple – late night infomercials selling pipe dreams of making huge money in the note buying industry for only a small fee of $39.99. Many poor unsuspecting folks buy into this sham and think that they are note buyers, overnight – which could not be further from the truth.AX can immediately identify the note seller’s financial goals, the asset’s strengths/weaknesses, an moreover the foresight to execute the funding of a note transaction successfully and effectively. Very few note buyers can meet all of the marks for a complete and satisfying note buying experience. Contact us today to receive your cash offer and let us buy your note today!