Scale your portfolio using an Asset Based Loan

Access Money From the Equity in Rental Properties

Interest rates as low as 9.99%

No personal credit requirements

12-60 month term

Closing within 14 days

Don’t Want to Use Your Credit to Continuing Building Your Rental Property Empire?

Pull capital out of your equity in your income-producing rental properties and keep growing your assets.


An Asset Based Loan.

Amerinote Xchange now offers capital solutions to landlords and operators of all types who are looking to generate liquidity or recycle money to use for other investment opportunities and projects.

Typical Lending Criteria for Asset Based Loans

12-60 month terms

Interest only payments available

Rates between 9.99% to 11.99% (typical deal)

No need for personal credit or debt to income ratio requirments

Total collateral value must be $400,000 or greater

Collateral value must contain a vacancy rate or 10% or lower

Closing is a little as 7 days

Points typically between 2-4% (case by case basis)

About Amerinote Xchange

Why Amerinote?

Amerinote Xchange has been in the secondary mortgage market space for almost 20 years. In that period of time we have seen all sizes and flavors of assets. We provide industry experience which will allow us to quickly read the terrain in order to ensure that your transaction does not interfere with you ability to execute the investment strategy at hand. We make sure that we provide a seamless and professional solution that dovetails with your goals and needs. Amerinote Xchange has access to many forms of capital ranging from lines of credit, to family office money to private equity to mom-and-pop IRAs. We know what it takes to get the deal across the finish line with no excuses. Just results.

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