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Mortgage Lenders VS Home Owner Associations in Las Vegas

mortgage lending

  A recent court ruling in Las Vegas, Nevada has sparked a debate between mortgage lenders and Home Owner Associations. Last month, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that HOA’s priority super liens supersede a mortgage lender’s first position mortgage in a foreclosure action – a decision that many lenders are urging the court to reverse. ... Read More

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5 Tips for Finding a Reputable Mortgage Note Buyer

5 Tips for Finding a Reputable Mortgage Note Buyer

This year Congress passed a new set of rules that changed how the mortgage industry operates. Stemming from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, the recent Dodd-Frank law puts specific restrictions on all real estate note transactions. The law went into effect on January 1, 2014 and requires that properties ... Read More

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Why You Should Sell Your Mortgage Notes Now

Why You Should Sell Your Mortgage Notes Now

Are you thinking about selling your home? Or, are you considering seller-financing your home to a buyer? Well, recent studies show you shouldn’t wait to do so. According to a recent article from SeekingAlpha.com, the housing market in the United States in decelerating. With the exception of major cities like New York and San Francisco, ... Read More

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How Property Owners & Young Home Buyers Can Benefit From Seller-Financing and Mortgage Note Sales

Becoming a homeowner is a difficult task for many young Americans. Living in the remnants of the 2009 economic recession, it’s not easy for young people to secure a well-paying job and develop strong savings. Many have low-average or poor credit scores and poor debt-to-income ratios. Therefore, most young people have a hard time qualifying ... Read More

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Selling a Mortgage Note Just Became Easier According to Recent Report

Selling a mortgage note easy

Here is some good news for those mortgage note owners that are thinking about selling a mortgage note to an investor: Far fewer borrowers are under-water on their mortgages, according to a recent report from Realty Trac   – which was reported on CNN Money. So how does this make selling a mortgage note easier for ... Read More

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Can I Get Scammed When Selling My Private Mortgage Note?

Getting scammed selling mortgage note

Here is a question that comes up from time to time with many private note sellers which is: Can I get scammed when selling my private mortgage note? This is obviously a question that would need to be addressed (and answered) if you are planning on selling your mortgage note on the secondary loan market. ... Read More

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Structuring Your Seller-Financed Business Note for Optimal Cash-Out in the Future

Seller-Financed Business Note

Are you seller-financing all or part of the sale of your own small business and planning on selling the business note? You are definitely not alone! Approximately 80% of businesses sold in the U.S. today involve some form of seller-financing (otherwise known as owner-financing). The reason being is simple – lack of investment-appetite and/or risk-tolerance ... Read More

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See How Easily You Can Sell a Mortgage Note to a Qualified Note Buyer

Are you unsure about how to sell your mortgage note? The secondary note market doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you find yourself being smothered by a strenuous and confusing note buying process, your best move is to run—don’t walk—from the deal. Selling a mortgage note or business note should be a streamlined ... Read More

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How much money will I receive when I create and sell my mortgage note?

Create and Sell My Mortgage Note

    A question that we hear consistently throughout operations within the secondary mortgage market is… How much money will I get when I create and sell my mortgage note? There are many different variables that a mortgage note buyer must consider in order to purchase a mortgage note for sale. It is all about managing ... Read More

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