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We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

See How Easily You Can Sell a Mortgage Note to a Qualified Note Buyer

Are you unsure about how to sell your mortgage note? The secondary note market doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you find yourself being smothered by a strenuous and confusing note buying process, your best move is to run—don’t walk—from the deal. Selling a mortgage note or business note should be a streamlined ... Read More

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How much money will I receive when I create and sell my mortgage note?

Create and Sell My Mortgage Note

    A question that we hear consistently throughout operations within the secondary mortgage market is… How much money will I get when I create and sell my mortgage note? There are many different variables that a mortgage note buyer must consider in order to purchase a mortgage note for sale. It is all about managing ... Read More

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