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We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

Note Buyers

Amerinote Xchange is a San Francisco-based, direct business and mortgage note buyer that specializes in the acquisition and management of:


  • Mortgage Notes (1sts and 2nds)
  • Mortgage Loan Portfolios
  • Non-Performing Mortgage Notes
  • Trust Deeds
  • Land Contracts
  • Contract for Deeds
  • Business Notes
  • Chattel Mortgages


AX has been operating within the secondary note market as the best note buyers for over a decade. We pride ourselves on a unique customer experience for all note sellers, as well as providing a quick exit strategy for any private or institutional note sellers that would like to sell a mortgage note or sell a business note for quick cash payout.


We have mastered the art of standing head-and-shoulders above our competition due to our low cost of capital (via our six, in-house, note-funding platforms) and our three core guiding principles:


  1. Aggressive Offers and Pricing
  2. Unmatched Professionalism and Client Courtesy
  3. Unsurpassed Knowledge of the Entire Discount Cash Flow Industry


Amerinote Xchange is a reliable and direct note purchaser, which can offer a sound and painless exit strategy to individuals, businesses and lenders looking to receive the best price for their mortgage note or business note. As experienced note buyers, we can fund deals that most others would decline on reviewing. Working with the right note buyer is half of the battle when it comes to reaching your financial goals. Let us be your note buyer – starting now.


We at Amerinote Xchange are in the position to perform as a principal note buyer on assets with a remaining balance of as little as $25,000 up to $5,000,000 on any one given loan. We are also proud announce that we consistently maintain a 96% note closing ratio, which means that you will most certainly get the money you deserve for your private note. We has 6 separate note funding platforms that are individually geared towards a certain asset class such as:


Funding Platform Break-Down

  1. Performing Residential Loans
  2. Performing Commercial Loans
  3. Non-Performing Commercial Loans
  4. Non-Performing Residential Loans
  5. Performing Business Loans
  6. Performing/Non-Performing Junior Mortgage Liens (2nd Position Mortgages)


If you wish to sell your mortgage note or business note, we can provide you with a written proposal within one business day (or less), which will allow you to make a sound decision on your available options when taking your loan-assets to market. It would be our pleasure to help you understand how to sell your mortgage note when you feel the time is right.


Private Mortgage Note Buyers Overview

This entire process of selling to private mortgage note buyers will take anywhere from 15 days to 35 days depending on the state/property location, the availability of the local appraisers and the availability of companies providing the title searches and closing services. The purchase price is determined by the characteristics of the loan terms, property and borrower ability to pay the loan. The average mortgage note purchase timeline is about 2 to 4 weeks.


What Are Private Mortgage Note Buyers?

Private mortgage note buyers are individuals and entities that purchase promissory notes secured by real estate. Many lenders have a need to sell the loans that they create to private mortgage note buyers as a way to recycle capital and continue lending to the public.