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Press Releases

We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

Principal Mortgage Note Buyer and Loan Acquisition Firm Announces Purchase of San Francisco Commercial, Re-Performing Loan
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - Amerinote Xchange, LLC, the fastest growing California-based loan acquisition firm and private note buyer has recently acquired a re-performing, seller-financed, commercial mortgage note...
Mortgage Loan Acquisition Firm Expands Purchasing Abilities Geared Towards Residential Loan Portfolios Nationwide
California-based mortgage loan acquisition outfit has recently expanded their purchasing abilities to included residential, first-position mortgage…
Mortgage Note Buyer Will Now Purchase Existing Seller- Financed Loans That Are Upside-Down
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Direct mortgage note buyer, Ameirnote Xchange, LLC, announced today that they will now purchase and fund, first-position, performing mortgage loans that are operating within a negative-equity situation…
Mortgage Note Buyer Announces – Funding Limit Increase for Performing Residential and Commercial Mortgage Loans Across U.S.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Amerinote Xchange, LLC, the fastest growing private loan acquisitions company, announces that they are stepping up their funding capabilities for existing performing residential mortgage notes and performing commercial mortgage notes, throughout the United States…
Direct Mortgage Buyer Announces New Non-Performing Mortgage Note Funding Platform To Be Unveiled May 2011
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Amerinote Xchange, LLC, the fastest growing direct mortgage note buyer and business note buyer of performing loans in the country announced on Friday that they will officially start to fund and purchase privately-held non-performing mortgage notes, across the country…
Direct Note Buyer Announces Private Funding Available for Mortgage Notes and Business Notes
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – In the days after the 2008 capital freeze and economic down-turn, owner-financing and the creation of private mortgage notes/business notes have tripled in numbers and of course flooded the market…