Do you have clients that wish to liquidate assets due to a probate or estate situation?


Amerinote Xchange is a principal buyer of distressed real property and promissory notes, which can offer a sound and painless exit strategy. We can assist individuals, businesses, and lenders looking to receive the best price for their distressed real estate, mortgage note or business note

Feuding siblings looking to make a clean break? 

Unwanted messy and/or defaulted real estate receivables or problematic properties?

Amerinote Xchange can help. We purchase both performing and non-performing promissory notes secured by real estate. We can buy residential, commercial or even bare land  distressed real property as well. We can help you clients liquidate assets quickly in order to settle estates and move on with lives.

As experienced note buyers, we can fund deals that most others would decline on reviewing. Working with the right note buyer is half of the battle when it comes to reaching your financial goals.

Easy and Fast Process

Nothing Changes For the Borrowers

Sell Part Or All Of Your Remaining Payments

Direct Buyer With Industry Leading Payouts

Over $25 Million In Notes Purchased Annually

Pay $0 Fees & We Do All The Work


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