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If you wish to sell business note, sell a business loan, sell a chattel mortgage, sell an asset purchase agreement or sell a security agreement, AX can fulfill all of your funding needs and can get you the capital you require, when you decide to sell your business note. Come and see what we can do for you and get funded today!

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Why Choose Us to Sell Business Notes?

If you have sold your small business and owner-financed the business loan by creating a business note and you want to sell a business note, we at AX can offer a sound and painless exit strategy if you’re tired of acting as the bank.

We are the fastest growing owner-financed business note buyers in the country today. When you sell a business note on the secondary market, we can fund the purchase in as little a 15 business days. If you currently hold, or have created a business note that you want to sell a business note now, simply contact us today to get started.

If your have not sold you small business yet and you or your client is thinking about owner-financing the business loan via owner-financing, AX will guide you on how you can maximize you cash pay-out once you create the business note sell for top-dollar to a business note buyer.

Selling a Business Note has Never Been Easier

When selling a business note on the secondary note market to a business note buyer, being sure that you are dealing with the right funding source is half of the battle. This is especially true when your primary objectives are: to find a funding source that performs efficiently and effectively and of course, receiving the most money possible when selling your business note.

We at AX have been operating as a business note buyer for over 7 years, which has given us the in-depth experience and industry-knowledge to successfully and effectively fund you business note sale in as little as 15 business days. We also pride ourselves on three core principals when purchasing business notes:

  1. 1 Aggressive Offers and Pricing
  2. 2 Unmatched Professionalism and Client Courtesy
  3. 3 Unsurpassed Knowledge of the Entire Discount Cash Flow Industry

We have our own in-house funding platform, which is specifically geared towards performing business notes/business loans that we will purchase at a discount. When reviewing a business note for acquisition, we will primarily focus on: the equity in the collateral (down payment, seasoning, etc.), the borrower’s credit rating (and/or personal guarantee if borrower is a corporate entity), the business’s financial strength, the subject business model and loan structure.

When your selling your business note to AX, we are in the position to fund business notes from $25,000 to $500,000 (remaining loan balance). We can provide full purchase buy-out options or partial purchase buy-out options.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to begin the process. Or, you can review our complete business note purchase criteria online by clicking: AX Business Note Purchase Criteria. To review our business note buying process online, please click:  AX Business Note Buying Process. To learn how to create a valuable business note to sell for top-dollar, please click:  How to Create a Valuable Business Note to Sell for Top-Dollar

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