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About Amerinote Xchange

We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide note sellers/owners with a sound exit strategy and execution, when it comes to the sale of debt instruments on the secondary market, including: mortgage notes and small business notes.


We have been operating in the primary and secondary mortgage markets since the early 2000's


We have funded over $800MM in residential and commercial UPB since inception


We have successfully completed over 900+ secondary market transactions since 2006

What We Do

Amerinote Xchange is a loan acquisition firm based out of San Francisco, California, primarily interested in the purchase and management of mortgage notes, mortgage loan portfolios, business notes, and other debt instruments that are purchased and traded on the secondary loan market. If you’re looking for the best private mortgage note buyers, AX is the preferred choice for straightforwardness and reliability.

Our strategy and business model allows us to stand head and shoulders above other private mortgage note buyers, which in turn allows the note seller liquidating said asset to receive the largest lump-sum of cash possible. This niche-market, financial service is geared towards any and all loan owners that are considering taking their assets to market. We work with all note owners ranging from private to institutional lenders, nationwide (as well as approved brokers).

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Our Experience

As one of the fastest-growing loan acquisitions firm in the country today, we have over a decade of experience in the secondary loan markets with an emphasis on mortgage loans secured by real estate. The majority of our team at AX comes from a mortgage origination background (both residential and commercial), which gives us a unique, bird’s-eye perspective on the note-buying process as a whole.

This translates into the desire to provide our sellers with the industry know-how and funding expertise which are required in this unpredictable economic landscape. In addition, our total mastery in this niche, financial arena will effortlessly enable us to bring all note sales to fruition successfully, and with as little incident as possible.

As the nation’s premier private mortgage note buyers, we are here to work with you to achieve your short-term and long term capital needs.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Amerinote Xchange is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a long-standing A+ rating and is a product of our sound business practices, commitment to service and best consumer practices.

The BBB ranks businesses according to their own criteria which includes the business’s ability to be transparent, consumer communication and integrity.

Why Amerinote

Everyone that I dealt with was efficient, got the deal done quickly, and was very professional! I would do business again with them. They are all great to work with! Great job, Amerinote!
Eric Porterfield - San Francisco

42 reviews, 4.9 stars

We sold a private note to Amerinote Xchange which closed in December, 2020. The process was easy and Abby was an excellent communicator during the entire transaction. I highly recommend working with Abby and his team.
Torben - Tiburon, CA

4 reviews, 5 stars