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Sell My Property Portfolio – Mortgage Portfolio Buyers

We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

Are you looking to sell your mortgage portfolio? AX can help you to:

  • Sell a Residential Mortgage Portfolio
  • Sell a Commercial Mortgage Portfolio
  • Sell a Non-Performing Mortgage Portfolio
  • Sell a Re-Performing Mortgage Portfolio
  • Sell a Sub-Performing Mortgage Portfolio
  • Sell a Junior-Lien Mortgage Portfolio

AX can get you the capital you require when you decide to sell your mortgage notes or portfolio to market. To get an idea of what your mortgage portfolio will fetch on the secondary loan market, request a cash offer today.

Why Choose us for Selling Mortgage Portfolio

If you are a mortgage lender or a private note investor and you require liquidity in order to generate debt-free capital for the purpose of reallocation into a higher-yield investment, AX can offer you a practical and effective exit strategy.

AX is the fastest-growing residential and commercial mortgage loan acquisition firm in the country today. We maintain our own in-house portfolio, which means we can fund the sale in very little time with little outside approval. We have over a decade of secondary loan-trading and loan-acquisition experience which is apparent to the portfolio seller from the first contact.

We offer a reliable, competitive source of liquidity for your mortgages portfolio sales in many unforeseen market conditions as well as geographic areas and online. When you choose to sell mortgage notes or mortgage portfolios to AX, you can choose from several execution options that would allow you to sell or trade your loans for cash in order to meet your financial needs or just simply clear your balance sheet.

Mortgage Portfolio Capital Solutions

We’ll analyze your asset data to determine if there is any contradictory or missing information, which would be required in order to ensure that we are representing the most money possible in our mortgage portfolio offers to you, the seller. Next, we’ll contact you to discuss the data provided by you and/or your outfit, at which point we will speak with you about your/your company’s/your client’s goals, objectives, and timing for completing a bulk mortgage portfolio sale.

Once we’ve analyzed your loan data and structured a possible bulk sale to meet your primary objectives, we’ll present you with a written proposal for your consideration and approval.

The proposal will describe the population of eligible loans within the transaction in question, and the terms of our purchase criteria based on the mortgage portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses. This will allow for full transparency during the entire process through to execution.

If you accept the bid proposal, we’ll then work with you on the delivery of those loans for a smooth and timely settlement of your transaction. Once you’ve completed a bulk mortgage portfolio sale, you will have improved your institution’s ability to manage credit risk, interest-rate risk, and liquidity risk.

If you’re interested in selling real estate notes or mortgage portfolio, click here for your free quote.