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We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

Abby Shemesh

Chief Acquisitions Officer

Abby Shemesh is the co-founder and Chief Acquisitions Officer at Amerinote Xchange. Abby has been operating within the primary and secondary mortgage markets for over two decades.
Abby's background originally lies in mortgage loan origination, both residential and commercial. Abby made the full transition into the secondary market and loan acquisitions realm in early 2006.

Abby has been featured in industry publications such as Realtor.com, Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, ReviewJournal.com, LarryGoins, GOBankingrates.com, ChainStoreage.com, Yahoo News, Podcasts.Apple.com, iHeartRadio.com, and BlogTalkRadio.com. Abby was also a contributor to Cash Flow Exclusive reporting on the trends and tactics of the note-buying industry.

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