Are you looking for an experienced commercial note buyer to whom you can sell your commercial note, commercial mortgage or commercial non-performing notes in order to free up some capital? Look no further than AX. We have been a direct commercial note buyer for over a decade, and we are ready to give you the most cash for your commercial mortgage notes.




If you have sold a piece of commercial real estate and owner-financed the commercial note transaction by creating a commercial note that you wish to sell, AX can offer a sound and painless exit strategy if you’re tired of acting as the bank. We are the fastest growing direct commercial note buyer in our country today.

When you sell a commercial note to us via the secondary market, we can fund the purchase in as little as 15 business days. If you currently hold or have created a commercial note that you wish to sell now, simply contact us today to get started.

If your have not sold a piece of commercial real estate yet and you or your client are thinking about creating a commercial note via owner-financing, AX will guide you through the process. We can help you can maximize your cash pay-out once you create the commercial note and sell it to a commercial note buyer.





All commercial mortgage note buyers have their own investment appetite, which is decided by the commercial note buyers risk tolerance. The secondary mortgage market does not have a set commercial note purchase criteria that all commercial note buyers follow. Whether you are buying performing commercial notes or commercial non-performing notes will decide what a commercial mortgage note buyer will review when purchasing a commercial loan for their portfolio.




On performing commercial loans, most commercial mortgage note buyers are interested in four major items:

  1. Down Payment/Equity
  2. Credit Score
  3. Loan Structure
  4. Borrower Credit


On non-performing commercial notes, most commercial real estate note buyers look for:

  1. Commercial Property Value/Market Trends
  2. Borrower Assets/Financial History
  3. Foreclosure Laws/Process in Subject Property State





When selling a commercial note on the secondary note market to a commercial note buyer, making sure you are dealing with the right buyer is half of the battle for the commercial note seller. This is especially true when your primary objectives are: to find a commercial note buyer that performs efficiently and effectively and, of course, receiving the most money possible from selling your commercial note.

We have been operating as a commercial note buyer authority for over a decade, which has given us the in-depth experience and industry-knowledge to successfully and effectively fund you commercial note sale in as little as 15 business days. We also pride ourselves on three core principals when purchasing business notes:


  1. Aggressive Asset Evaluations and Offers
  2. Unmatched Professionalism, Experience and Client Courtesy
  3. Unsurpassed Knowledge of the Entire Discount Commercial Note Buying Industry


We have our own in-house commercial note funding platform, which is specifically geared towards performing commercial notes/commercial loans and non-performing commercial notes, including commercial note portfolios that we will purchase at a discount. We will review non-performing commercial note portfolios on a case-by-case basis which will not include bank-originated paper. As a direct commercial note buyer, we are in the position to fund commercial notes from $25,000 to $2,500,000 (remaining loan balance). In rare cases will fund up to $3,500,000 for any one commercial loan.


We can provide full purchase buy-out options or partial purchase buy-out options. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding commercial notes for sale or to begin the commercial note buying process.


Or, you can review our complete commercial note purchase criteria online by clicking: AX Commercial Note Purchase Criteria


To review our commercial note buying process online, please click: AX Commercial Note Buying Process. To learn how to create a valuable commercial note to sell for top-dollar, please click: How to Create a Valuable Owner-Financed Commercial Note to Sell for Top-Dollar