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Second Position Note Buyer

We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

Second Position Note Buyer



Amerinote Xchange is a performing and non-performing second position note buyer actively reviewing and buying  second mortgage loans in all 50 states that are secured by real estate. In order for a junior real estate lien to be considered for purchase, the characteristics must fall under these three principal criteria:

      • Junior loan could be performing or non-performing 
      • Junior loan must be subordinate to a 1 to 60 day late first position lien
      • No minimum loan requirement (no loan too small for consideration)


When shopping for the best price when selling a  junior lien debt on the open market, one must keep need to know what to expect. Most 2nd position loans, especially those that are in arrears and require a foreclosure action, do not sell for top dollar among the note buying community.

They are in fact the riskiest types of collateralized debt to purchase within the industry, hands down. This is due to the subordinate position of the loan to a senior first lien. In the case of default and foreclose, the process can be arduous and costly to the note holder. 

If you have a second lien note that that you are thinking about selling in order to generate debt-free cash, please feel free to contact us directly and get a quote today.

We have the ability, agility and infrastructure to act quickly when buying your problematic junior lien mortgage notes that drain your resources and cut into your bottom line. To learn more about the note buying industry click here.