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Mortgage Note Investing

We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

You may be wondering what is note investing and how to invest in mortgage notes. AX is a direct Mortgage Note Investor that is actively interested in purchasing mortgage notes, mortgage note portfolios, mortgage loans, deed of trusts, land contracts, mortgage contracts, real estate contracts and contracts for deeds, nationwide. We at AX have the experience and market-knowledge to offer painless solutions when it comes to selling real estate notes and investing in second mortgages on the secondary market. Choose the right mortgage note investor and get funded today!

Why Choose Us as Your Mortgage Note Investor

AX is a reliable and direct mortgage note investor, which can offer a sound and painless exit strategy to individuals, businesses and lenders alike, pertaining to the liquidation of performing residential mortgage notes and commercial mortgage notes (including select non-performing commercial notes). Let us take care of your real estate note investing starting now.

Continue reading for more criteria on how to invest in real estate notes.

A Mortgage Note Investor at Their Finest

AX is one of the fasting growing mortgage note investors in the secondary mortgage market today. We pride ourselves on over a decade of mortgage note investing experience which highly increases the chances of a successful bring your mortgage note sale to fruition. Dealing with the right funding source, is in fact, half of the battle when it comes to funding your mortgage note on the secondary mortgage market.

Our general mortgage note investor criteria is geared towards mortgage notes with a remaining balance of $35,000 to $2,000,000 across the board. AX has 5 separate note funding platforms that are individually geared towards certain asset classes, such as: residential performing loans, residential non-performing loans, commercial performing loans, commercial non-performing loans and mobile home with land / bare land notes. We offer full purchase buy-out option and partial purchase buy-out option.

To review our complete note purchase criteria online, please click: AX Investing Note Criteria

To review our note buying process online, please click: AX Note Investing Process

What Does Mortgage Note Investors Look at When Investing in Mortgage Notes?

All mortgage note investors have their own investment appetite, which is decided by the mortgage note investors risk tolerance. The secondary mortgage market does not have a set note purchase criteria that all note investors follow. Depending on if you are buying performing mortgage notes or non-performing mortgage notes will decide what a mortgage investor will review when purchasing a mortgage loan for their portfolio.
On performing notes, most mortgage note investors are interested in three major items:

  1. Down Payment/Equity
  2. Credit Score
  3. Loan Structure

On non-performing notes, most mortgage investors look for:

  1. Current Property (Market) Value
  2. Foreclosure Procedures within Property State
  3. Borrower’s Last Payment Received/Applied

To learn more about how to invest in notes or if you have additional questions on how to invest in mortgages please click here.