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Amerinote Xchange Blog: Sell Business Note

We have been purchasing notes, mortgages and real estate contracts for over a decade and we pride ourselves on a unique client experience at the best price possible.

According to…well, everyone in the housing market, if you want to sell a house, the time is now. Competition for homes is heating up, with Forbes reporting only a 2.5 month supply of homes currently on the market. Houses in some areas are going under contract in only 7 days, and 26% are going above…

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Achieving financial success is one of the most popular self-help subjects of all time. If this tells us anything, it’s that creating and sustaining financial success is difficult for lots of people — so difficult that, in an odd twist of fate, they spend multiple millions of dollars on resources that will supposedly help them…

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Are you seller-financing all or part of the sale of your own small business and planning on selling the business note? You are definitely not alone! Approximately 80% of businesses sold in the U.S. today involve some form of seller-financing (otherwise known as owner-financing). The reason being is simple – lack of investment-appetite and/or risk-tolerance…

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