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Common Questions People Have About Mortgage Notes

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Mortgage Note Questions

Are you considering seller financing your home and selling your mortgage note to a mortgage note buying firm? If so, our experienced note buyers at Amerinote Xchange can help. We’ve been purchasing mortgage notes from private sellers for over a decade and ensure our clients receive the best price possible for their note.

But, before you sell your mortgage note, there are several things you should understand about the note buying process. To gain a better understanding, take a look at these common questions people have a about mortgage notes.

Why should I seller finance my home?

By seller financing your property, you are agreeing to accept payments from the buyer. You are essentially acting as the bank and will receive monthly payments from the buyer, as well as interest. You’ll receive more interested buyers and sell the property quicker than a property for sale by conventional methods. Also, you’ll be increasing your spendable monthly income because you’ll be receiving monthly payments from the note. While seller financing has some risks, such as the risk of foreclosure and abandonment, you can avoid these risks by selling the note to a mortgage note buyer like Amerinote Xchange.

Why should I sell my mortgage note?

As previously stated, by selling your mortgage note you will no longer serve as the bank and have to worry about missed payments, foreclosure or abandonment of the property. Plus, rather than receiving monthly payments, you’ll receive a sizeable amount of money at once, which can be used for essentially any purpose. You can use the money for college tuition, retirement, unexpected medical bills, a dream vacation, or another investment opportunity. Other common reasons people sell their mortgage notes are to pay off debt, avoid accounting headaches, settle an estate or purchase a home or vehicle.

What determines the value of my mortgage note?

Many factors influence the value of your mortgage note, including the repayment period, the property secured by the note, the borrower’s credit, and the note’s balance and interest rate. A mortgage note buyer will perform a note appraisal to determine the current market value for your note and give you a quote.

How can I maintain the value of my note?

Most of the factors that impact the value of your note were determined when the property was sold, such as the repayment period and interest rate. Yet, you can help maintain the value of your note by keeping organized records of the payments you receive, attaining a copy of the property insurance policy from the buyer every year, and confirming that the property taxes are paid at the time they are due.

How will I be paid for my mortgage note?

The entire process of selling a mortgage note takes from 15 to 35 business days. It depends on the state and property location, as well as the availability of the local appraisers and the title companies providing the title search. Our note buying firm pays for all the costs associated with the purchase of your mortgage note, such as appraisal and title fees.

To get started with the process of selling mortgage notes, contact our note brokers at Amerinote Xchange today!

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